Concerning Azeroth Choppers

You’re entitled to your feelings.
You’re entitled to voice those feelings.
You’re entitled to your choice of action (unsubbing) because of those feelings.

I’m entitled to not wanting to surround myself with your immature reaction and negativity.

So if you’re throwing a rage fit over this Azeroth Choppers win, threatening to unsub, attacking Blizzard Twitter accounts and folks who are happy about the win, or attacking folks who aren’t happy about the win… I’m unfollowing. I don’t give a damn who you are. I don’t give a damn if you don’t care about my unfollow. This action won’t be because I disagree with you, but because I’m done witnessing the attacks and the abrasive negativity coming from some of the people in this community.

Between the Pardo drama and now this, I’m over it. Over the negativity. I’d wager most of us are.

Learn the difference between politely expressing an opinion and attacking with an opinion. There is absolutely no excuse for the latter.

Blizzard decided to do something fun and bring the community in on it. They didn’t have to do that. They had good intentions. It’s the people in the community who are turning this competition into a shit storm.

We’re better than this. We should be better to each other.

Love and Loot,
Zuulzilla – An Alliance player who voted for the Horde bike. Because trikes.

One thought on “Concerning Azeroth Choppers

  1. I thought the ending of this was lame, only because I thought it would be a super “Blizzard is awesome” moment if they said… look both of these bikes are great, and because of it we are going to put both in. Maybe they will, who knows, but I agree that throwing a tantrum because your side didn’t win is a little silly.

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