Time Travel Tuesday

Time Travel Tuesday: Gaming As A Family

Last year my mother sent me an email of something she had written. I later shared it on my blog. It speaks for itself, so I won’t bore you with details. Enjoy!

My mom jotted her thoughts down this morning and decided to share with me what she wrote. With her permission, I’m sharing with you!🙂

I was bored and decided to write out my thoughts on gaming and our family this morning. Enjoy.

My husband started playing World of Warcraft about 7 years ago, via his boss who gifted it to him for Christmas. Four months later, after getting tired of going to bed alone, I decided to check out the game. With his help I logged on to his account and made a little priest and started running around Goldshire. I quickly became a WoW addict after learning that I could get pets!

Needless to say I got my own copy of the game and started playing as much as he was. (I dropped the priest and rolled a hunter because that is and always will be the funnest class in WoW imo.)Shortly after this, we convinced our son Nick, and daughter Heather, that they needed to play WoW also. We quickly became a WoW family; playing the game, discussing our leveling, trying to decide who was the “leetest” (pretty sure I still hold that title). Upon hearing all of our talk our other son, Scott, decided that he should try the game too.

This was like open season for us as he was full of questions. Where’s Stormwind? Who’s the King? Why do we have a king? How do I heal? To understand you’d have to know Scott. We laughed, but little did we know that he’d go on to be one of the best warlocks in the game, often beating world records. His name will go down in WoW History I’m pretty sure!

WoW opened up a line of communication between the five of us that wasn’t there previously. Sure we talked but this game allowed us to become even closer, especially Scott and I as we’d gone through some rough years so for that I’ll always be thankful.

Heather and I, otherwise known as Rie and Sweetrevenge, were the coolest chicks on Gul’dan, make no doubt about it. Nick played a pretty badass rogue for a bit, and my husband played a druid that could tank, heal, or dps (lulz).

Not many of us play anymore, at least not WoW. Heather has gone on to Minecraft. Nick tries just about every game that comes out, and lately my husband and I are playing Rift now that I have a computer where I can actually “rift”. Scott still logs on every once in a while but he’s about to go to medical training for the military so his WoW career is about to end also.

My point here? Not all gaming is bad, especially when it involves family/friends. It has changed the dynamics of our family; bringing my husband closer to my children (his stepchildren). Gaming has given my daughter a new self confidence that she didn’t always have. It’s brought my husband and I even closer than we were and provided countless hours of quality time where we played together.

Gaming as a family. Try it!


She still holds the ‘leetest’ title. Just ask any of my friends who’ve had the pleasure of raiding with her.

Gaming did bring us closer. Honestly, we were kind of a mess before we all began playing WoW together. Some of us weren’t on speaking terms. Others we’re speaking, but the bond was broken. Warcraft helped us reconnect. It gave us an opportunity to be a family again. The world of Azeroth has brought me that and so much more.❤

Love and loot,

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