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Birthday To Remember

I wanted to thank everyone who came out to my birthday bash and watched the stream, donated, or participated in the events, but I wanted to do it with a little bit of pizzazz.

So here you go. I’m wrote a song!

So I put Vi to bed and got online
No surprise I’s runnin’ a little behind
8:45 before we got it all figured out
To the top of Karazhan showin’ our backsides

Yes we did the raid au natural
We thought that we were all going to fail
Turns out Karazhan is pretty easy when in your 9s
Even though we had some folks that had to bail


After flirting with Medivh and killing Prince
We headed to Gurubashi in Alliance defense!
Cross-realm got complicated and it turned into a mess
So we logged into our level one Taurens

The race was on and David was the first to die
And poor ol Chris got left at the Spirit Rise
We waited for him and Evan at Razor Hill
Then we raced on to show our Voljin pride


Wendy and Dys were way ahead; taking lead
While Chris and Dustin dodged the scorpions stings
A troll made a beef joke when he saw us /kneel
And that wrapped up our pretty fun STAMPEDE


But no – we want to continue this affair
/smack Gallywix, no wait, Gally isn’t there
So we took off to MC then ToC then places of winds
Where we were tossed way up high into the air


Overall it was a lovely night of fun
Some bumps, some irritations, but worth the run
Because we raised $685 for Child’s Play Charity
It was a birthday to remember… Thanks, everyone!

birthday bash

Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, you guys made this night amazing. Thank you all so very much! *hugs*

4 thoughts on “Birthday To Remember

  1. OMG, it was so much fun, I’m glad you were still going on when I got home from work! Thanks for including me Zuu! I’m keeping you on my realid friend list for future fun😀

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