Zuu’s Birthday Bash – Charity Event

Zuu, what are you up to now?
It’s my birthday weekend and I want to spend it raiding with you and raising money for my favorite charity, Child’s Play!

What is Child’s Play?
Child’s Play is a wonderful charity that is dedicated to improving the lives of hospitalized children by providing them with toys and games. During this streaming event you will be able to donate to this charity via a donate button – and in doing so you’ll be putting a smile on the face of a child who needs it. 100% of all proceeds will go Child’s Play.

My goal is to raise $500 during the stream. That’s what I want for my birthday. I want $500 to go to a charity that has an amazing impact on the lives of sick children. As the big sister of a little boy who spent a great deal of his childhood in a hospital room, this charity and any donations mean more to me than I can express.

What are we doing?
We’ll start off by conquering old world raid zones! If we have the people for it, we may split into teams. BETS ACCEPTED!

Molten Core
Black Temple (If we have time before the next event.)

We’ll follow our heroic adventures up with some PVP in the Gurubashi Arena! BRING IT, HORDE.

There will be a STAMPEDE around 10:30pm! To participate, you will need to roll a level 1 Tauren on the US Turalyon server. The race will start at Camp Narache, where we’ll run to Thunder Bluff, catch the Zeppelin to Org, and race to Echo Isles. The first Tauren to /kneel before Vol’jin wins!

The winners of the arena battle and the STAMPEDE will have the opportunity to become characters in the Surviving Azeroth webcomic!

How do I participate?
This event starts on Friday February 7th at 8pm EST and will run until (at least) 11:30pm EST.

Click here to sign up for the raids and arena battle as Alliance.
Click here to sign up for the arena battle as Horde.
You can also DM, Tweet, or Email your Battletag directly to me. (Info at the bottom of this post.)

Due to the mix of content we may be seeing, I ask that raiders be least level 70. You must be Alliance for the raids. You can be Alliance or Horde for the arena. I suggest you bring a level 90 for the battle.

Anything else?
No reserves on loot. If you want it for transmog, NEED it. If it’s not for transmog, please greed or pass.

Raiders will be able to join voice chat!

Being that it’s my birthday and I’m choosing to celebrate it by giving back, I ask that participants (my guests!) please donate during this event.

I will be live streaming! Follow here! For more information and updates on this event, contact @Zuulzilla on Twitter or email me at

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