Time Travel Tuesday

Time Travel Tuesday – Server Hoppin’

Hi, my name is Zuulzilla and I’m a World of Warcraft server jumper.

Let’s not go getting the wrong idea now. I didn’t jump servers because I was some notorious ninja or something. I switched servers for the same reasons most do. I needed a change of scenery. The server I was on died. PvP servers suck. I wanted to play with friends. All pretty valid reasons to want to pay money to go somewhere new.

I say that now, but at the end of this post I’m going to add up all the fees. I’ll be the girl curled up on her kitchen floor with a bottle of wine and wondering what I’ve been doing with my life.

My journey began on Gul’Dan! I was a wee mage by the name of Rie and I was taking on Azeroth by fireball. I spent A LOT of time in Elwynn Forest making campfires with my trusty flint and tinder and chatting with friends. Faffing, as we call it now. I had no idea what I was doing. Socializing was the only thing I really knew how to do in the game. I hung out in trade, flirted with a few infamous players, and talked a lot of shit. Come on, I was 19 and MMOs were new to me! I didn’t understand the etiquette. Warcraft was basically Yahoo chat with trolls and dragons. I didn’t know any better.

Name: Rie
Server: Gul’dan – A
Reason: Family played there.


Cupcake Manifesto was my guild. I was the only one in it.

I’ll be honest, I was only in ELITES UNLEASHED because the GM was an Aussie and my god was he lovely to listen to on Ventrilo! We had a short lived ‘thing’ for each other until he moved on to another flavor-of-the-month and new guild as well.

I briefly raided with Blood Moon Syndicate and BREW before giving the account to my brother who transferred Rie to Thunderlord!

…and renamed her Flictonic.

Name: Flictonic
Server: Thunderlord – A
Reason: Family played there.


He raided with her in this one guild until he quit and I briefly came back to the game. I raided with her a few times while she was unguilded until I quit just before The Burning Crusade released. It was around this time that I moved to Mississippi and was too busy acquiring an addiction to Dungeons and Dragons to do, well… anything else at all.

When I returned to the game a year later, I logged in at Light’s Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands. I proceeded to pick up where I left off: Collecting Scourgestones. I was ganked the minute I left the city. Fuck you, PvP!

Name: Icyrie
Server: Gnomeregan – A
Reason: Family played there & NO MORE PVP!


Funny story for you: I had upgraded to BC, but I had NO interest in doing anything in BC until I finished what I was doing in vanilla. The first thing I did when I logged into my new server was travel to Silithus to finish farming Cenarion Circle rep so that I could get the Blade of Vaulted Secrets.

That was until my mom called me a noob and said I’d get a better weapon in Hellfire Peninsula.

I quit playing Icyrie shortly after hitting 70 due to not liking the server. I rerolled a Blood Elf Hunter on Draka and got her to 46 before finding a new server for my Mage.

Name: Immersa
Server: Whisperwind – A
Reason: People in my Draka guild had mains on Whisperwind and talked me into joining them.


This was my ‘hardcore’ raiding phase. Celestial Navigators was a casual guild with a semi-hardcore approach. I raided with them and server PUGs every week until I was accepted into the top guild on the server, Obsolete, near the end of BC. I raided a few times with them (before and after joining) until the expansion hit and I decided that this level of raiding was no longer for me.

As you can see, I guild hopped for a while. I just couldn’t find a good fit for me. Morphosis was another guild that I created. I made it with the intention of raiding, but some drama between it and another guild tore it apart. That’s when I found out that guild leading was not for me, and thought Alliance my not be, either.

So I faction changed when it became available!

Name: Immersa
Server: Whisperwind – H
Reason: Everyone was doing it.


Then something happened. It was around this time that a lot of bans were hitting people whose names didn’t match the name on the account, and this was happening because of account sellers. The account I was playing was in my ex’s name. We set it up that way because, at the time, we thought the name on the account needed to match the name on the credit card. The banning bothered me for a while, but eventually I felt I couldn’t risk it anymore. In an effort to not have my account banned and lose my mage forever, I quit playing WoW.

I eventually came back to the game on a brand new account. I started off with a Druid, Kovarri, but I had a hard time raiding as a healer. I knew if I was going to raid as DPS, I was going to do it on a Mage.

Name: Zuuli
Server: Malfurion – A
Reason: Random choice.


The levels and dates are missing with this one (as they are with a few). I’m guessing that’s because she was leveled up with RAF granted levels.

I later transferred her to Gilneas…

Name: Zuuli
Server: Gilneas – A
Reason: Really bad drama on Malfurion. Gilneas was randomly selected.


…and then to Sen’jin.

Name: Zuuli
Server: Sen’jin – A
Reason: Family played there.

(Sen’jin results aren’t showing for any of my characters for some reason.)

Then something AMAZING happened. After two years of support tickets, phone calls, and let downs… an angel in the form of a Blizzard Customer Service rep fixed my first account for me. I had my Mage back. It may seem silly to hang on like this to something from a virtual world, but this Mage is and will always be more to me than pixels and ice blocks. That CS rep did so much more than bring a character back to life that day. He filled a small void in my heart.

The drama left the guild on Malfurion. I transferred back. Alliance again!

Name: Immersa
Server: Malfurion – A
Reason: Rejoin my old guild.


I eventually left Malfurion due to issues with another player and transferred to Turalyon in hopes of finding a better guild.

Name: Immersa
Server: Turalyon – A
Reason: Was interested in a guild I found on the forums.


Turalyon is a wonderful server, but the guilds I found on Alliance side were just not for me. I recently took Immersa to another server.

Name: Immersa
Server: Dalaran – A
Reason: To join like-minded friends!

Immersa is now on the Dalaran server in the Phalanx of Nod guild. This is the last place I’ll ever transfer to. I know: “You say that now, Zuu.” But, I’m serious. This is it. I’m very happy to have found an awesome guild with awesome people on the server I’ve always wanted to be on.

All good Mages belong in Dalaran.

Total amount of name changes: 3
Total amount of transfers, including alts: 17
Total amount of faction changes, including alts: 5
Total amount spent on character services: $605

It’s really not that bad. I expected it to be a lot worse. I don’t have any other hobbies that I spend a fortune on, so $605 over the course of six years of actively playing isn’t terrible.

Total amount spent on World Of Warcraft (including merchandise, virtual items, expansions, and additional accounts): $3990


I think I’ll take my wine outside…

Love and WARCRAFT,

:: Character data was collected using Warcraft Realms ::

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