Time Travel Tuesday

Time Travel Tuesday: Doctor Who Who?

This is an interesting and random post I wrote around the end of 2012. Interesting because WOW have I come a long way. Enjoy!

I haven’t seen Doctor Who, nor do I understand any of the cultural references. There. I said it.

Okay seriously… you can stop throwin- HEY that hurt!

There are a lot of things I don’t “get” these days. It may be from my lack of television watching, or just the fact that my interests are few and far between in the pop culture department. I try to understand it, to be part of it, but then I start to feel like some old guy trying to be hip.

What’s with the telephone booth? Who does this doctor think he is, super man?


I started writing a story. That doesn’t mean I’ll finish it and it’ll become a book. I just got an idea in my head and now I can’t stop writing. We’ll see where it goes, but for now I’m just writing a story.

Now that my head is clearing up and I’m not being pulled in ten million directions, it’s time to get back out there and try again. Only this time it’s less talk, more action, keep my head on straight, don’t overwhelm, and go at a relaxed pace. I do this thing where I take on so many things at once. I’ve learned I can’t do that. Creativity is my passion and with that comes so many creative outlets and I want a hand in all of them. I need to stop, slow down, and learn to better control the effort I put into things.

To new a chapter and all the adventures to come! *Raises coffee mug* Cheers!

The story I’m referring to in this post is actually, you guessed it, my current work-in-progress novel. I’m very thrilled to have come this far with it and I hope to take it even further!

I still don’t understand Doctor Who. I tried to watch an episode last year and just could not get into it. Sorry Doctor Who fans!

As for that last bit about passion, overwhelming myself, and being pulled in a million different directions: That turned out to be a real issue that I wasn’t able to control on my own. You may have heard me talk about it before because I refuse to hide it in shame, but I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder last year. The medication I’m on for that has helped tremendously with my ability to handle the world around me. Knowing something was wrong and getting help for it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

To new a chapter and all the adventures to come, indeed!

Love and Life,

2 thoughts on “Time Travel Tuesday: Doctor Who Who?

  1. 2 comments acutally:

    1st, I love what you do with having the written post and then the audio stream from SoundCloud, that’s a brilliant idea that I may have to borrow!🙂

    2nd, I had a hard time getting into Doctor Who at first as well, I found the secret is to not start at Season 1 Ep 1, but rather Season 2 Ep 1. All due respect to Chris Ecleston, he’s a great actor, but David Tennant is MUCH better as The Doctor, and really draws you into the character, and universe of the show.


    1. Thank you! People seem to really be appreciating the audioblog. Go for it!🙂

      I’ve heard that I may have started with the wrong episode. I’ll give it another try sometime!

      I’m sorry for the late response. This was sitting in my spam folder. Silly filter.

      Thank you for reading!🙂

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