Time Travel Tuesday

Time Travel Tuesday – My Interview With A Vampire

This morning I stumbled across an article that provoked a lot of opinions about what a vampire really is. I’m not going to draw any more attention to that article here. I only mention it because it helped me figure out what to write about today!

I wrote this blog entry last year. I felt like a crazy person while writing it, but it’s a unique story that tells you a little more about how bat-shit crazy I can be.

Vampire hunting. Who does that?!

My Interview With A Vampire

You should probably be 18+ and not squeamish before reading this post.

A year following Hurricane Katrina, I moved to a small city outside of New Orleans. People around the city I lived in were always a little too preachy to me, so I spent little time doing things there. I spent most of my weekends at the beach in Mississippi. Sometimes I would venture into The Big Easy and walk around Bourbon Street like I knew what I was doing. I didn’t. I went there looking for the mysteries of voodoo, or a club full of vampires to stumble into. Yes, I was THAT GIRL.

I never truly believed in the type of vampires we see on TV. The seducing, blood sucking, pale-skinned creature who with one touch made your lips quiver, your body tremble, and had you begging “take a bite”…

See. THAT GIRL. I never truly believed in them. Did my twisted mind want to? Oh yes. Very much so. However, I’m a logical person. I knew that anyone I may find in downtown New Orleans claiming to be a vampire was either crazy, into blood play, or a psychic vampire. (Psychic vampires believe they feed off the energy and emotions of others and they are a real thing, whether or not what they claim to be able to do is real has been debated for some time. For the sake of argument and confusion, let’s get back to the blood sucking variety.)

Note that I’m using the term “vampire” loosely and not at all referring to Dracula-types or the ones that glitter in the sunshine. Open your mind with me for a moment here.

There are people who call themselves vampires and there is a such thing as what I like to refer to as blood parties. I’m not sure if that’s actually what they call them, but there are people, and there is blood, sometimes these things end in orgies… I’m getting off track again. Blood parties. There are also people who play host to these vampires and allow the vampires to suck blood from fresh, self-inflicted cuts.

How do I know all of this crazy? Well, I met one.

I was walking around downtown in my very baptist city one day and found the most amazing thing. There on the corner, across from my favorite antique store, was something that makes every little pagan-girl-in-the-bible-belt’s heart skip a beat: An occult store.

It was so white inside and for a moment I thought I had been tricked! I walked around, gently tapping the dangling fairy ornaments and watching them twirl around in the air. There was little merchandise and you could tell they had very recently opened. The young guy sitting behind the register greeted me. We made small talk about the fairies and he said he had another room full of art. I went to the other side of this small store to check it out. The most beautiful, dark paintings decorated the room. They were done by a local artist, and if I recall she was only a teenager. She was amazing, whoever she was. We talked about the paintings, I bought some incense, and went about my way.

In the weeks that followed, I decided to read up more on New Orleans and its vampire inhabitants. I didn’t really get far. There are some things non-vampires should not know, I suppose! During my research it dawned on me that this occult store owner may know something. I thought to ask him what he knew about vampires, but it sounded really silly no matter how many times I played the conversation out in my mind. I decided to go a different route. I went back to visit him and brought a fearlessly outspoken friend along.

My friend pretended to be into blood play. (Now that I think about it, he may not have been pretending.) I have no idea how he got the guy onto the topic, but damn it happened fast. Turns out this guy had attended blood parties/orgies. He talked about what they did, how some stuff worked. The internet is apparently the most common tool used to find gatherings, but he didn’t go into many details about that. He didn’t give any specific names or places. He never once mentioned “vampire”, but he didn’t correct me when I did. He just smiled. (I’ll never forget that smile.) We continued talking past closing hours. I bought more incense and a book, then headed home completely happy about how the conversation turned out. Slightly disgusted, but happy.

A few months later, his shop closed down. I never found out why. Wherever he is, I hope he is well.

There was nothing safe about the things we discussed that night. I don’t recommend anyone go vampire hunting and get themselves into the type of stuff this guy was into. I didn’t go into too much detail because a lot of it seems secretive and I’d like to be respectful of that. There was a reason I couldn’t find what I was looking for online! I’m not sure if any of this is still a thing, especially since Hollywood has butchered the fantasy of it all, but I will forever believe that there are secret vampire meetings and orgies and bloody craziness going on in the mysterious city of New Orleans.

Oh, you’re still with me. Good. Good.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Time Travel Tuesday! See you next week with something about bunnies or sunshine or something.

Love and /bite,

One thought on “Time Travel Tuesday – My Interview With A Vampire

  1. I love this!!!! I used to do a lot of research on this stuff when I was in my early teens. It is indeed very creepy yet intriguing to know people really do this kind of thing! Keep up the good blogging.❤

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