Telesina is one of the new poker variants that have seen today’s light. The rules are as follows:

Telesina is played with a “French” set of cards with 32 cards from aces to seven.

There can be up to six players in the same game.

Cards are given clockwise and start at the first active player after the dealer button.

Telesina is played with ante. Before giving cards, ante must be paid by each player participating in the game.

Each player has two cards, one with the short side down and one with the short side upwards. The cards that you receive first are your hidden card, which can not be seen by the other players. Then, three more cards are given with the card side upwards to each of the remaining players. When the fifth card is given to the remaining players and the round is finished, a card is placed in the center of the table. It is the Vela community card that can be used by all players to make a better hand and used in the last round.

The player who can show the highest card after the card has been given, must deposit a bet that usually corresponds to 2 x ante or make a higher bet if possible in relation to the game limits . In order to determine the bring-in, split shortly after the card order by suit, in the order of hearts, windows, claws and spades (descending order). After the first bet, the clock is played continuously until the round is completed.

In Telesina five rounds are played. The first round is played after each player has got his first two cards. Then, 3rd, 4th, and 5th cards are given to each player in a game round after each new card. The last round is played when the Vela card has been displayed.

If no further bet is made after all cards have been issued and the Vela card is shown, the winner must be present. It is the best hand with five cards that win the pot. If two or more players have the same hand, they must share the pool. If there are odd chips, the player who is closest to the dealer box wins. If bet was made by fifth card (river), then it is the player who made the last bet or raise to show his hand first. If no bet was made, it is the first player left to the left of the dealer to show his hand first.

Hand’s order in Telesina:

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