Professional poker players provide a unique insight into how they act and think.

Poker University is a new Danish teaching portal where professional poker players record their computer screen while playing online poker.

During the game they tell about their actions and thoughts that lie behind. This gives ordinary people a whole new opportunity to learn what it takes to win in poker.

Behind Poker University are the professional poker players: Theis Kristensen and Tune Seidelin. They are both driven poker players who, through their experience, have a lot of practical advice on how to become a successful poker player.

Theis Kristensen teaches the use of utilities, and Tune Seidelin teaches in no-limit hold’em. In addition, more teachers will be affiliated to the Poker University.

“To ensure a high quality of our content, we only make videos in the areas where we have our absolute core competencies. Therefore, we will also use external teachers for more of the university’s poker topics. We are currently making arrangements with some of Denmark’s very best poker players, ” says Tune Seidelin.

At there is a taste test in the form of six free videos. Membership, which gives access to all videos, costs 89, – per month.
Shortcut to concrete tools and techniques

Poker University offers a new opportunity to get into the head of professional poker players. By looking at how they handle specific situations and thus gain insight into their thought business, the poker student will gain access to the specific tools and techniques that the professional poker players make use of and as they have spent countless hours at the tables developing and refining.

“I wish I had that opportunity when I started playing poker. It would save me a lot of unnecessary and expensive mistakes, ” says Theis Kristensen, director of Poker University.

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