A new genial calculator has seen the light of day. You can simply drag it over an online poker table and calculate your chances while playing!

The invention is called Texas Calculatem and has a so-called Auto-Read feature that keeps track of your chances while playing.

It’s simple: The program is a small box on your screen as you drag over your online poker table while playing!

It may include Fragile your odds and give you good advice while playing online poker. Thus, you can get an advantage purely playful when you play poker online. And not enough – Texas Calculatem works on over 100 poker sites online!

While it can help you increase your chances, Texas Calculatem is also a good teacher to help you eradicate the worst mistakes in your game.

The fast program calculates your exact situation in the game super-fast. It gives you just enough information that you do not get completely confused and move your focus from the game itself.

Beginners may choose to follow the program’s advice more Slavic, while more experienced players can go deeper into the invention and find further information about eg. How the odds will be if you choose to play different hands.

Texas Calculatem offers, among other things:

– An easy “Drag and Drop” feature, where you can easily attach the program when playing live online Texas Holdem.

– It keeps an eye on your game: All positions, folds, and cards are read automatically, which means you can concentrate 100%. about the game itself.

– It keeps an eye on the so-called “Fold Depth”. This means that it can make better predictions about which cards a player has been sitting at when he or she chose to fold. VERY useful knowledge, we must say goodbye!

– You can also adjust the program to one’s own way of playing – for example. “Aggressive” etc.

– And then, of course, it gives you advice on how to statistically best play your hands against your opponents.

Texas Calculatem is obviously no sure solution to winning ALT. And here at Poker zuulzilla.com, we can not promise you that your live will be a clean victory if you choose to try Texas Calculatem.

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