Concerning Surviving Azeroth

Yesterday I made the decision to shutdown my World of Warcraft webcomic, Surviving Azeroth. This comes just a few weeks after its relaunch – a move I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to make in the first place.

I’ll be taking a step back from content creation in the gaming community. My blog is all that will remain. Readers know I talk about more than just games here. It’s always been my space to write what I want and I intend on keeping it that way.

Though an explanation isn’t owed, I will explain my decision in time.

To those that spent a few minutes of their time every week reading Surviving Azeroth, those that promoted the webcomic on their website and/or on social media, and those who aided in its creation: Thank you. /bow

Love and Loot,

“It’s natural to guard those you love; to be their sword and shield when they need you. Sometimes even the most unlikely of people can be that hero. As for saving Azeroth, you must first learn to survive it.” -Enoku, Surviving Azeroth

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