Miles To Go Before I Sleep – Strength, Weakness, and Discovery

“You are human and mortal; we are the sum of our weak moments and our strong.”
― Mercedes Lackey

Weakness. We all have it. It’s there, lurking in a shadow. Waiting for that opportune moment. “Do I do this, or do I fall?” It’s not a fault. It’s one of the many traits of being human. Without it, we’re just not.

Concerning weakness and strength, you can not have one without the other. Sometimes weakness is inevitable. Sometimes it’s necessary. Sometimes bending until you break isn’t weakness at all, but a measure of the person you are and the things you’ll do to find peace.

Sometimes it’s strength.

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Time Travel Tuesday: Game of Thrones Rant 2011

(No recording today. I’m in the process of moving across the country.)

Let me just start with a HAHAHAHAHA.

Christ, I had some nerd rage during season one of GoT. Well, me and half the country.

I wrote this in 2011. Rereading it makes me cringe a little. I was mad, guys. Okay? Just like, don’t throw things at me or discredit me as a decent blogger.

Enjoy. (Doubt it.)

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Time Travel Tuesday (Thursday Edition) – Pursuit of Happiness

Today I just want to write. I need to write. There is so much in me that I need to get out.

I’m no stranger to change. I’ve grown accustomed to it. My life has been ruled by big change for a very long time. It’s a never-ending cycle prompted by decisions others have made for me or decisions I felt like I had no other choice but to make. For so very long now I’ve been living in someone else’s life. I’ve been extra weight. A trophy. An escape. A filler. I’ve been everything but me.

Last year when I wrote this, I was so lost. I went into it this new change carrying the weight of my past and all of the demons I was living with. I went into it with a hopeful, but false perspective.

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Time Travel Tuesday – Ramblings of a Teenager #1

Hey guys! It’s been a while. A week, actually. Last week I launched a new comic and had a pretty big Surviving Azeroth update that took up a lot of my time. All of that on top of some personal offline stuff that hit me, well you can understand why I failed to post anything.

I had a completely different post in mind today. I was going to write about the first song I ever wrote. However, while digging through my old folders to find the song, I stumbled across some terribly depressing journal entries. One is dated 3/2/2004 – written 10 years ago this month. The others are not dated, but judging by what they all say and the fact that I was on Livejournal by the summer of 2004, I’m guessing these were written as early as January 2003 and as late as May 2004.

I’ve decided to share one with you. Warning: Depression, suicide, & metaphorical pause button rant.

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